Luciano Spa Complex

LUCIANO is an exclusive high-class spa complex. The complex`s facilities, level of comfort and equipment make it a unique wellness center in Russia and on par with the best spa facilities In Europe.

The complex contains architectural elements of high-class Mediterranean of spa hotels making the new spa complex one of the best architectural objects in modern Kazan.

The grand, ultra-modern high-class LUCIANO Spa Complex harmoniously combines several areas: spa, Beauty Clinic, hotel and restaurant and fitness club. The union of these facilities in the same complex allows us to achieve our main goal: to provide the highest level of a full range of services related to vitality restoration and body rejuvenation.

The LUCIANO Spa Complex Hotel was nominated for the Best Spa in a Hotel in Europe in the 2012 PRIX VILLEGIATURE Awards (France), and placed in the top 10 of Best Spa Hotel in Europe