Welcome to LUCIANO Spa complex!


One of the most prominent architectural sites of the city - six-storey building LUCIANO Spa Complex is  located just a few steps from UNESCO World Heritage site.  

LUCIANO is an exclusive premium class spa complex. The proposed services, level of  equipment, the skill of specialists and atmosphere of our spa complex  are truly unique and  allow us  to be confident a par with the best spa and hotel complexes in Europe. 

The modern  LUCIANO Spa Complex harmoniously combines several areas: spa, Beauty Clinic, hotel, fitness centre and restaurant. Collectively they supplement each other and contribute to the restoration of vitality and recreation.


The appearance of LUCIANO Spa Complex combines the architectural elements of the best  Mediterranean hotels and declares itself apart. 


Each of our spa complex objects is absolutely unique in its equipment and meets the highest requirements, and leading specialists and the  highest  comfort level make staying in LUCIANO Spa Complex  unforgettable!


Meticulous LUCIANO spa complex can be safely put on a par with the best European spa resorts.

It is no accidental that spa complex entered the top ten best hotels in Europe Award Prix Villegiature in 2012, LUCIANO won the top prize of the international award Perfect Spa in 2014, and spa complex was named the best spa hotel in Eastern Europe at the awards ceremony World Spa and Wellness Award in London in 2015, which proves that it is not inferior on the service level and efficiency of treatments to wellness hotels of Switzerland and France. 

Our specialists have repeatedly won prizes in various contests and championships both in Russia and abroad.

Welcome to LUCIANO Spa Сomplex

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