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Traditional Medicine


Hirudotherapy is the treatment of various diseases using the medicinal leech. Hirudotherapy can be used in a wide range of diseases: in urology, gynecology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatovenerology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, surgery,  ENT diseases. 



1 session up to 5 leeches

     3400 rubles


Reflexotherapy (acupuncture) is the most ancient method of healing effect on the human body coming from East countries a few centuries ago.

Reflexotherapy essence is a treatment and strengthening of human organs and systems by stimulating of certain points.

This method is applied for treatment of the widest range of various diseases.

Popularity of reflexotherapy is explained not only with exclusive efficiency but also with painlessness and also with lack of adverse effects. 



30 minutes

     2200-2500 rubles

Gomeosiniatriya, homeopathy

A new trend in medical science and practice which is a method of medicinal (antihomotoxic) drugs administration in certain points to improve the efficiency of medical action. Especially good results are obtained by this method in the treatment of osteochondrosis, humeroscapular periarthritis, arthrosis of large joints, metabolic arthritis.  

Fast medical effect can be obtained in patients with cervical spine osteochondrosis and vertebrobasilar insufficiency.The drugs are also applied for health preventative courses or during the off-season to restore vitality.

Antihomotoxic drugs are compound homeopathic drugs that allow provide an extensive detoxification effect and promote the activation of body defenses. They are made of natural ingredients: plant extracts, extracts of animal organs, microelements, catalysts. The micro doses getting into the body do not cause body overload but on the contrary stimulate its systems and connect additional protective mechanisms.



30 minutes

     3000 rubles


Osteopathy is a method of diagnosis and treatment of violations arising in the structural and anatomic relations of  body parts and separate organs which are defined by the specialist using sensitivity of the hands.

Osteopath detects by light touches even barely noticed changes in the muscles and ligaments.

It is necessary to visit osteopath regularly both for prevention and for timely detection of diseases that are asymptomatic. 



60 minutes

     2000-6000 rubles

Treatment of tobacco dependence

The main points used in the treatment of tobacco dependence are located on the auricle.

The impact is carried out on one auricle depending on the dominant hemisphere.  

A patient has to be healthy, rested and emotionally balanced at the moment of treatment.

Before the treatment 10-12 hours should be passed away from the last smoked cigarette.

Recommended time for the treatment is the first half  of  the day,  ideally in the morning.



30 minutes

     5000 rubles

Prices are valid on 27.11.2015. For booking of  treatments specify the price at the reception.