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Russian spa area

LUCIANO Spa complex offers you to appreciate all benefits of Russian spa area which includes a steam room with walls made of centenary oak, Snowy Room, Shower of impressions, Ice Fountain and Relaxation room.

Russian bath has long proved itself as a means of nervous tension removal, it allows you to improve skin condition, physiological properties of the body as long as possible to preserve youthfulness, just relax and inspire with cheerfulness!

Snowy room

It is a special room where subzero temperature is maintained and snow is generated.

Shower of impressions    

It is a shower with different types of water jets from weightless cold mist to tropical rain with huge drops.

Ice Fountain

It is a special construction where crystal-like mass is supplied resembling ice cubes for cocktails.

Relaxation room

Relaxation room design is made in old Russian style and compliment from the chef and magnificent tea-drinking of real samovar perfectly complement the treatments and make them unforgettable!