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Thermo spa area

Herbal sauna is a soft sauna with low humidity and steam saturated with fresh herbs aromas.

Temperature control doesn't exceed 50-60 °C.

It is a quite comfortable temperature for the body.

Combining the physical action of wet steam and aromatherapy herbal sauna heals the respiratory tract, improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate muscle pains and spasms, cleanses the skin.

20-30 minutes spent in the steam room promote the achievement of deep physical and mental relaxation, recovery of vitality and also healthy full sleep.

It is preferably to be in the sauna not more than 5-10 minutes in one step.You can swim in the cool pool or take a shower in the intervals. Total time spent in the sauna is not less than half an hour.

Then the steams of essential oils containing in the healing plants will have effect. 

Laconium is a sauna with soft, gentle temperature control and optimum humidity, so it is suitable for people who are contraindicated high temperatures or high humidity of traditional bath.

Temperature in Laconium is 45°C and humidity is about 20%. 

Kneipp path are mini-baths filled with cold and warm water (12°С и 28°С).

It is well-known that gentle alternation of hot and cold baths for feet has a beneficial effect on all body.

Kneipp method simultaneously tempers and heals.  

Aroma steam room is a special thermal room with temperature 45°С and very high air humidity 90%.

Aroma sauna has a pronounced recovery and bioenergetic effect on the human body. Herbal steam of drug plants with natural essential oils not only relaxes the body and soul but also recovers vitality, improves immunity. The effect of fragrant steam is difficult to overestimate. You will immediately feel a surge of new vitality and energy.  

Hammam is a traditional Turkish bath with temperature 40-45° С and air humidity 30%.

Comfortable climate of Turkish hammam is ideal for people who can’t tolerate high temperatures.

The unique combination of temperature and humidity of Turkish bath allows you to stay there for a long time without feeling discomfort.

Your muscles relax, the skin breathes and is cleansed, stress and illnesses recede away. 

Salt sauna

Temperature is 50°С. Air humidity is 90%.

 Salt composition includes more than 65 vital  microelements. The highest intensity of their excretion occurs by the heating of salt to 50-60° C.

The air is saturated with vapors of iodine, ferrum, calcium, magnesium, chromium and many other useful substances. Salt sauna improves general well-being and increases the tone of body. 

Shower of impressions   is a shower with different types of water jets from weightless cold mist to tropical rain with huge drops. Shower of impressions allows instantly to be carried away from one corner of the planet to another.

You can visit any “climatic zones” in a short time by single touch of the button. Warm mushroom rain is replaced by the flown Atlantic storm and followed by tropical downpours autumn mist steeps you.

You can achieve relaxation and tone muscles and thoughts. 

Ice Fountain is a bowl in which crystal-like mass is automatically supplied resembling ice cubes for cocktails. Cold exposure has been long considered as a good method of constructive stressful impact on the skin, it intensifies receptors, increases tone and metabolism. The skin becomes more fresh, young, taut, smooth.

The swelling is eliminated, lymph and blood movement is accelerated, immunity is strengthened.

Cryotherapy is especially effective in combination with thermal treatments.