Oxygen (hyperbaric) capsule

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is  one of the best ways possible to get oxygen to every cell in the body – and it is non-invasive.

Everyone knows that while all living creatures require air, water and food, nothing is more vital to survival than oxygen. It’s possible to last weeks without food, a few days without water, but only mere minutes without oxygen.

Brain and Oxygen

When oxygen is gone around in brain, a memory improves temporarily? 

The brain is headquarters of the whole body. Although the weight is approximately

 2% of the body weight, brain consumes approximately a quarter of oxygen to take in by one breathing. The blood volume to circulate and to supply oxygen in brain reaches about 2,000ℓ in a day. When the oxygen supply to brain is cut off, the activity of the brain stops immediately and Cell destruction happens in 2-3 minutes.

The symptoms relevant to lack of oxygen to brain include the decline of concentration, the intellectual power, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, fatigue.

Oxygen and Recovery from fatigue

Oxygen works to break down the lactic acid bacterium and relieves fatigue and the stress as well.

Oxygen works to break down and remove the lactic acid bacterium in the blood causing fatigue and tiredness. Therefore a person who has many internal quantities of oxygen takes to relieve from fatigue faster than a person with a few quantities of oxygen. The person who has ability better to take in oxygen is able to recover from fatigue immediately.

Also, when the person enhances production efficiency of energy in the body with taking in oxygen sufficiently, it should be satisfied the body with energy and relieved the fatigue.

Oxygen affects mental fatigue closely. Because the capillary shrinks under the influence of stress and is easy to fall into a lack of oxygen condition, it would be conductive to mental and physical refreshment preventing lack of oxygen by supplying enough oxygen.

Sports and Oxygen

Why is an oxygen capsule popular with athletes? Oxygen helps energy production, relieving fatigue. The oxygen is important for the athletes. The Athletes is able to keep their energy without use of oxygen by the anaerobics such as the sprint. However, in the case of a long-distance running, they make an energy source of the muscle shrinkage with a cell through the medium of oxygen. Therefore, the exercise efficiency will be rose if they are able to deliver the oxygen to the four corners of the body immediately.

In addition, when oxygen is deficiency in increasing muscular activity, energy is produced by the way of not to use the oxygen. Then, however, lactic acid occurs and causes muscle fatigue when keeping it accumulates and it is presumed that an athletic capability may be declined.

When enough oxygen is supplied, the oxygen helps in recovery from fatigue and the lactic acid can be eliminated.

Beauty and Oxygen

Activation for the skin cell with enough oxygen. The health for the skin is kept that an old cell is pushed up and flake away by a new cell. This cycle is approximately 28 days with healthy skin. However, when metabolism declines, this cycle becomes late and the waste products such as older cells are left to the epidermis and cause skin roughness and dullness.

Around the capillary of the skin cell is easy to shrink under the influence of fresh air, stress and is in condition to be easy to become the lack of oxygen.

Therefore the oxygen is indispensable for fair skin maintenance. When enough oxygen is supplied in a cell, energy production is promoted. The cell is eventually getting activation well and allows the reincarnation of the skin normally and leads it to moisture and the shiny fresh and young bare skin.

Body fat and Oxygen

The lack of oxygen influe

nces obesity. The oxygen activates the outbreak of the lipolysis enzyme.

There is a lipolysis enzyme called "lipase" in the body. This lipase decomposes fat, sends it in into blood, and works to burn it exactly. In short, lipase is the enzyme indispensable to fat combustion.

It is said that oxygen is required in order to make work of lipase active. However, if oxygen in the living body is insufficient, because the lipase is not working actively prevents decomposition and burning fat, fat burning is left with lumps of fat again.

It is based on this reason that it is said that the aerobics performed while taking in oxygen, such as a walking, is effective against a diet compared with an aerobics, such as a dash.

Two kinds of oxygen

Dissolved type oxygen and knot-pattern oxygen. Although it is a slight quantity compared with knot-pattern oxygen, dissolved type oxygen can melt into the in side of blood, and humors. By melting also into a capillary vessel or lymph, the amount of in-the-living-body oxygen 

can increase, a cell can be activated, and the stagnated physical action can be used smoothly.

It is combined with the hemoglobin (red corpuscles) in blood, and the oxygen taken in by the usual breathing passes a capillary vessel, and is carried to each cell. This is knot-pattern oxygen. A capillary vessel tends to be thinner than hemoglobin and tends to get insufficient oxygen.