Programs for children's in Aqua Zone

EARLY (INFANT) SWIMMING (Personal Training)

Classes for 1- month to 1-year-old babies. Classes are individual and are held  in the children's pool. Babies develop faster in the water. Water surface and submersion activities strengthen skeletal and muscular systems, improve respiratory function, activate the immune system and metabolism and develop intelligence.

FUNNY FISH (Personal Training)

This is the personal training for children 1-3 years old. Lesson helps to adapt the children to the water, to build basic movement skills, to teach a child to submerge his face in water. Lesson helps to improve  emotional condition of the child and to develop physical health from an early age. The class is held in the children's pool under the guidance of coach with the obligatory presence of parents. Class duration (minutes): 30


This class is for children 4-6 years old. It aims to improve the technical skills of swimming, increase agility, strength and coordination of the child as well as it teaches diving techniques. Classes are held in the children's pool like a game. Class duration (minutes): 30


The class is for children 7-10 years old. Classes are held in the large pool. It is high intensity game class where plot game and relay race elements have place. A coach teaches elements of the back and chest crawl swimming technique. Class helps to develop endurance and explosive power. Class duration (minutes):45


The class is for children 11-13 years old. Classes are held in the large pool. The children are taught all swimming styles. Class duration (minutes):45