Children’s Room

Group lessons for children 1 – 3 years old


It is a lesson for children 1-3 years old is with their parents. The lesson includes:

- Music and rhythm games;

- Games with elements of massage;

- Games for language development;

- Games and exercises to develop your child’s gross motor skills and coordination;

- The first exercises in painting and sculpting;

- The first puppet tales: watching and participating. Lesson duration (minutes):30.

Group lessons for children 4 – 6 years old


The lesson is for children 4-6 years old. The main purpose of the lesson is to give your child basic information about the world around him (objects, nature, society). The study materials are offered in the form of oral and practical exercises with special books. Thanks to this program the children:

- Get the first information about the world;

- Develop and strengthen language skills, thinking, memory, attention, fine motor skills to improve their hand function;

- Can have better idea about objects around him, natural phenomena, human and animal life. Lesson duration is 30-45 minutes, depending on the age of the child.


The lesson is for children 4-6 years old. The class includes a set of plot logical-mathematical games. Children get the basic information about theory of quantity, sets, space and time as well as about a variety of geometric shapes based on the geometric dependencies and relationships. Lesson duration is 30-45 minutes

Group lessons for children 7 – 13 years old:


Little designer is a lesson for children 7 - 13 years old. In the classroom the children paint from nature and invent in the same time. They mix techniques and materials and learn to see the world around them to paint it in different ways. A child learns the basic techniques of painting and drawing in a form of the play. The purpose of lesson is to arouse interest in art and to help children to express themselves through art.