Group programs

AQUA group programs

1.         Aqua Basic is an introduction to the Aqua Aerobics. It includes learning of basic steps, correct  movement performance and breath control. It is low intensity lesson which is recommended for beginners. Class duration (minutes): 45.

2.         Aqua Freestyle is a cardiovascular and respiratory body system training, it helps to improve coordination skills. Equipment: aqua belt and aqua gloves. Activity for all fitness levels. Class  duration (minutes): 45.

3.         Aqua Sculpt is a high impact class which is mainly intended for major muscle group elaboration. Various aqua fitness equipment is used for this training. High intensity activity for medium and high fitness level. Class  duration (minutes): 45.

4.         Aqua Boots is a training with aqua shoes. Great workout for your legs and buttocks. High intensity activity. It is recommended for medium and high fitness level. Class  duration (minutes): 45.

5.         Aqua ABL is a workout  for your abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks. Shock-absorbers are used for this high intensity activity.

6.         Upper body + Tabs is a high impact class which is mainly intended for upper body and abdominal muscle elaboration. Various aqua fitness equipment is used. For all levels of fitness. Class duration (minutes): 45.

7.         Aqua noodles is a cardiovascular and respiratory body system training, it helps to improve coordination, balance and equilibrium skills. Equipment: noodles (flexible stick). Class duration (minutes): 45.

8.         Aqua Ball is a class with balls. Wake yourself up with this fun and energetic activity where is enough difficult to deal with a small water ball, and if the ball is bigger it`s even more difficult. Aerobic activity for medium and high fitness level. Class duration (minutes): 45.

9.         Aqua interval is a cardiovascular body system training. Alternation of aerobic and anaerobic modes helps to increase stamina. High intensity activity. Class duration (minutes): 45. It is recommended for medium and high fitness level.

10.       Aqua tai is a high impact aerobic class with the elements of Martial Arts. Variety of equipment can be being used for this activity for all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes): 45.

11.       Aqua Step is an aerobic class. Equipment: special step platform. Helps to improve the cardiovascular system and coordination skills. Medium intensity activity. Class duration (minutes): 45.

12.       Aqua Soft A gentle low impact class for the older age groups. Low intensity exercises help to prevent joint disease and to correct posture. Class duration (minutes): 45.

13.       Aqua Mama is a special class for pregnant women which is aimed to strengthen the pelvis, back and shoulder muscles, to relieve leg swelling and relax the lower back. It also trains the cardiovascular system. Low intensity activity. Class duration (minutes): 45.

Dance classes:

1.         Latina Style is sensual and expressive, sometimes fiery dance with a beautiful music. It gives a firework of emotions, positive energy and vitality. It is a great opportunity to express your personality and show your temperament. Class duration (minutes): 55

2.         Belly Dance is a plastic and graceful oriental dance which impresses by its mystery and femininity. This class is a great workout  for your the abdominal muscles and is good for your posture. It improves flexibility. Class duration (minutes): 55

3.         Strip Show is a magical class. It is like a cocktail of different dance styles which includes elements that imitates some striptease movements. It is created to make woman lose their inhibitions, liberate the body and free the mind from the social taboo.

4.         Dance mix is a class  including a variety of dance styles: hip-hop, ragga, waacking, house etc. Class duration (minutes): 55

5.         Argentine Tango is a dance of touches and hugs. Argentine Tango  is not only a dance it is also a little performance created by two persons. This is the most romantic, the most sensual and the most elegant dance. Class duration (minutes): 55

6.         Fitness-oriental is a class aimed to preparation for the "Belly Dance" class.  It helps to strengthen the muscular system, increase ligament elasticity and improve the woman`s whole body. This oriental choreography class is accompanied by Oriental music. Class duration (minutes): 55

Stable Strength:

1.     Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates strengthens the body muscles, increases flexibility and improves overall physical health. Pilates exercises focus on breathing rhythm . Pilates strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves balance, improves coordination and reduce stress. Pilates exercises are safe and suitable for a wide ages. Class duration (minutes):55
2.        Pilates Reformer is a class featured with the Reformer simulator – a special bed with a mobile platform,  which has  free unfixed position. So you have to put extra effort to keep your balance on an unfixed surface. The simulator is equipped with various cords, springs and straps that change the exercise  intensity and amplitude. Own body weight is used as resistance. Class duration (minutes):55
3.       Yoga is  psycho-physical activity based on ancient Indian traditions. The class helps to harmonize the body and soul. Class duration (minutes):55.
4.         Chi gun (for women) - the ancient Chinese health-improving and recreational gymnastics. In focuses on  women's health, decease prevention, treatment of tumors (fibroids). It teaches intrauterine environment: carrying on baby and infertility treatment. It features Wave Therapy for the face and neck, so called Chi Energy. Class duration (minutes):55.
5.        Chi gun (for men) - focuses on the emotional and psychological well-being. Improves the mind and body helping to achieve mental and physical health. It relieves stress and aggression and helps to control their behavior, emotions, and communication. Class duration (minutes):55

6.       Stretching is a set of exercises designed to make your muscles more elastic and your joints - more flexible and mobile. Stretching classes can help you  increase muscle elasticity and tone, to increase joint flexibility, and to relax muscles. Class duration (minutes):30

7.        Imbilding is a class featured for development and rehabilitation of women's intimate muscles in order to get the necessary skills for sex, pregnancy, childbirth and to prevent women`s disease. Class duration (minutes): 55.

 8.       Faceforming is a special set of exercises that allows you to keep your muscles and skin toned. It is a kind of "face aerobics", which helps you fight effectively against aging process. It drawns contour, strengthens muscles, and restores skin's glow. Class duration (minutes):55

9.      "Tibetan Singing Bowls" is a health-improving sound massage. Vibration of Tibetan bowls helps to achieve a peaceful state of mind, to plunge in silence and to find true oasis of peace. You gain wisdom and not the information only. The session is having place on the floor in a comfortable position, on the soft rug with  listening to sounds and  vibration of healing bowls. Duration: 40 minutes - 1.5 hours. After a 5 minute rest - body massage which is done with the same bowls, the vibration penetrates deeper into the body. Class duration: 50 minutes - 1.5 hours.

10.      PorDeBras is an original workout, based on the stretching, plastique, posture, flexibility and weightlifting exercises. Dynamic balance and exercise elements improves functional body control, neuromuscular coordination and overall sense of rhythm. Workout relieves stress, promotes relaxation and improves emotional state of the person. Your ligaments, muscles and joint  become more flexible. It is recommended for all fitness levels. Class duration: 45 minutes.

Weight Lifting Programs:

1.      Super sculpt is a high impact class where different equipment is used, and it is intended for all muscle group elaboration. A variety of exercises and combinations helps to create healthy and beautiful muscular corset. For all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55

2.      Upper body + tabs  Upper body class it is intended for upper body muscles: arms, shoulders, back and abdominals. Step platform is used as well as additional weights, such as dumbbells, body bars, rubber shock absorbers. For all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55

3.     Abl (Abdominal buttocks-legs) Workout for strengthening leg, buttock and abdomen muscles with a variety of equipment used. High intensity class. For all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55.

4.       Bums + tabs is a high impact class with special exercises for your buttocks and abdominals. The workout  is recommended for all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55.

Special programs:

1.      Mama Pilates is a class for pregnant women with any stage of pregnancy. It is designed for stress reduction and strengthening the deep pelvic floor and the entire body muscles as well as for various breathing technique studies, prevention of varicose veins and leg swollenness removal. Class duration (minutes):55.

2.       Mama mix is special classes for pregnant women. Exercises are soft so it gives proper effect on the future mother`s body. Class includes aerobic part and special strength exercises for pregnant women. Class duration (minutes):55.

3.       Soft class is low intensity activity, designed for clients with  health problems or the older age ones. It gives a soft, healing effect on the whole body. Class duration (minutes):55.

4.      Mama yoga is class for the future mothers. Aims to harmonize the body and soul of the future mother. Asanas are selected depending on the trimester. Much attention is paid to the breathing. Class duration (minutes):55.

Functional workout:

 1.      Functional workout affects the whole body functioning, not just its individual parts, so it results in optimal human functioning. The basic principle of functional workout is adaptation to stress, that determines functional strength, flexibility, stability, balance and coordination. This type of workout is the ideal way to maximize athletic performance. Class duration (minutes):55.

2.     Be balanced is a unique system of high intensity exercises aimed at muscle toning and stabilizing, improvement of the balance and coordination abilities. All exercises are being performing on Airex Balanced Pad. The class is designed for all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55.

3.      Flowin is a functional workout with a special equipment Flowin. This unique equipment which is very popular in Europe exclusively represented in our club. It has a sliding cover what is why it requires more energy to maintain a stable position. Workout can take place in several modes: aerobic, impact, dance, mind body, at the discretion of the instructor. During workouts all the muscle groups are used even  internal and  stabilizer muscles. The lesson is recommended for a high fitness level. Class duration (minutes):55.

Aerobic programs:

1.       Aerobic class is built on classic aerobics. You learn basic steps and their combinations that depend on their complexity to develop coordination. Workout is aimed at the cardio-respiratory system strengthening and fat component reduction. It is recommended for all fitness levels. Class duration (minutes):55.

2.      Step is an aerobic class with the step platform equipment. You learn basic steps and their combinations that depend on their complexity to develop coordination. First part of the workout is aimed at the cardio-respiratory system strengthening and fat component reduction and the second one is aimed at the abdominal muscle workout. Class duration (minutes):55.

Mixed programs:

1.      Interval training is the alternation of aerobic and strength exercises. This approach helps to avoid the habituation effect and it is a great workout for the full body. The interval training is designed to prepare body for the high intensity exercises in a short time. Class duration (minutes):55.

2.     Kickboxing is a high intensity class for advanced fitness levels which includes punches, kicks, and its combinations. Class duration (minutes):55.

3.       Boxing is a workout where you can learn the strike technology and protection from strikes. Boxing workout helps to develop response time and ability to remain calm in the difficult situations. Workout includes sparring and technique development. Class duration (minutes):55.

4.       Tai-Bo is one of the fitness programs where the eastern and the western health approach have met. This program joined together art of karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and boxing. High intensity workouts and dynamic exercises lead to fast weight loss. This class is the perfect workout for all your major muscle groups, the cardiovascular system, it  improves coordination, balance, posture and flexibility. Class duration (minutes):55.