Thermal spa area

Herbal sauna. Steam room with a temperature of  50-60 ° C and a humidity of 30%. Soft sauna with a low humidity and with a steam saturated with fresh herbs aroma

Laconium is a special cabin for people for whom high temperature o high humidity of traditional sauna are contraindicated. Temperature is 45 ° C and humidity is around 20%.

Kneipp path is based on the passage between mini pools, with the temperature of 12°С and 28°С

degrees. Kneipp method involves the alternation of  warm and cold water, which activates functions of  the immune system.

Aroma steam sauna is a special thermal  room with the temperature of 45°C and very high humidity 90%.

Hammam is a traditional Turkish bath. The inside temperature is 40-45 C. Humidity 30%.

Salt sauna. Steam with salt inhalations. The inside temperature is 50°C. Humidity 90%.

Shower of impressions

Ice Fountain