Aqua zone

LUCIANO spa complex Aqua zone makes it unique for Russia and one of few similar European high class complexes.

Water zone consists of five swimming pools of different size and purpose. The highest requirements for the functioning of the entire spa complex LUCIANO are also exteded to water quality in aqua zone with swimming pools. Water undergoes a thorough cleaning using the most modern copper-silver filter systems.

Swimming pool with the Spa Zone

Water pathway for walking is designed for foot massage after a swimming and to enhance the drainage effect while walking.

Сounterflow is aimed to enhance the resistance of the muscles during the swimming, thus providing a greater load on the muscular system in general. Cervical stimulators are designed for an intense workout for cervical area with a water jet massage. It helps to relax the neck and  shoulder muscles and  improves blood circulation.

Waterfall is designed for providing a relaxing effect after cervical simulators, and is a final step after workouts with different equipment. It gives the sensation of lightness after the workout.

Geyser is a spa board. Bottom- up warm jets massage the skin, relax and thereby remove stress.

The combination of the workouts in the swimming path zone and hydro massage withstimulators makes you feel comfortable in the swimming pool, giving you feeling of relaxation and toning up the muscular system,  while you enjoy the swimming in the pool.

Swimming Pool for Aqua Classes

Vertical Stimulators looks like powerful jets which are stimulating and toning the muscles and tissues, causing dilation of skin blood vessels and improving blood circulation and metabolism which leads to weight loss.

Jets for the feet provide drainage effect and foot massage, giving  positive effect on the acupuncture points of the feet.

Aero massage board contributes to the full body relaxation after a workout in the gym. Air bubbles oxygenate the skin and tone up the blood vessels.

It aimed to extra weight fight, the correction of the cellulite and localized fat deposits, body shaping, improvement of the skin tone and microcirculation.

Milky Swimming Pool “Milky bath”

Health improving treatment  in the swimming pool “Milky bath”  influences your full body. Many tiny bubbles envelop you during the treatment and create the effect of "milky water", and therefore this effect gave the treatment its name - "Milky Bath." The uniqueness of the treatment consists in the therapeutic effects of nano-bubbles (size less than 5 μm) on the body,which helps to solve several tasks, such as:

- Slimming

- Rejuvenation

- Relax

A huge number of nano-bubbles with their movements create vibrations and provide a micro massage which enhance lymphatic drainage and improve microcirculation of the tissues. Due to their size nano-bubbles can penetrate easily the top layers of the skin and thereby to clean pores deeply. Tiny air bubbles saturate every cell of your skin with oxygen. It results in improving skin color, and it makes the skin smooth, elastic and soft as silk. Enrichment of water with nano-bubbles provides the relaxing and beneficial effects on the central nervous system. You can enjoy feeling of lightness and comfort in your body. After taking the "Milky bath" you will be convinced again that life is delicious and harmonious in all ways!

Combined Hydro Program Zone

Here it is provided a phased hydro massage in a seated position.

Body zones: neck - back - legs / buttocks - foot.

Strong hydro massage jets have a staged influence on cervical zone, helping to relax the back muscles and to reduce cellulite on the buttocks, as well as to tone up legs and provide a foot massage.

Cervical stimulators are designed for an intense workout for cervical area with a water jet massage.  It helps to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders  improving a blood circulation

Aero massage bench. The next step after a toning is a getting a nice relax while you are lying on aero massage bubbles. The treatment helps to reduce stress and ease chronic pains, to fight cellulite and improve skin condition.

Aero massage board. The final step to the total relaxation. It consists of a light full body massage that is giving a feeling of weightlessness. The small air bubbles can help to relieve the accumulated stress.

The swimming pool is designed to tone up the muscles, to fight cellulite, to  improve blood circulation and as well as to relax after stress. It tones up and helps to relieve fatigue and to fight problem areas.

Swimming pool with sea water

Aqua beds are hydro installations designed to provide the drainage effect by all area gradual massage. The uniqueness of equipment consists in the strong influence of hydro massage jets on the problem areas of the body.

It provides drainage, reduces swelling, improves muscle tone. Sea water contains a lot of salts and minerals which can help to increase your vitality. Also it strengthens your body and improves blood circulation. Sea water helps to restore metabolism and normalizes the endocrine system.

Swimming pool for children

Special children's swimming pool is set up for teaching the children to swim and it strengthens the baby body from a very early age. In the pool is kept constantly comfortable water temperature of 34 degrees. If your child feels cool, he o she can warms up in the children's sauna situated near the pool. Children's pool distinguishes interesting and thoughtful design that makes the stay exciting and fun pastime.