Brand Chef

  A unique feature of the LUCIANO spa complex restaurant is an ideology embedded in food preparation. All menu items, without any exception are selected on our guests' wishes and created under Avtandil Bigvava Brand Chef` guidance.

They say that the most delicious dishes can be created only by a kind cook. You will easily share this point of view as soon as you meet Avtandil Bigvava. You can physically feel his positive energy and you cannot help but to start smiling wider, meanwhile the world around you seems to be better. What's the secret? It is in his life motto: “Whatever you do, do it from the heart and with love.”

Avtandil Bigvava`s achievements are: two times he got a first-place in the nomination "The best fish and meat dish" among Kazan chefs. He won also the gold medal in the “Italian cuisine” PIR competition and another gold medal in the “Black box” PIR competition.

Avtandil Bigvava: “You should never stop, and do not be afraid to experiment with food, to find something new in the world of flavors - this is what every Chef should be aimed at!".

The combination of extremely fine atmosphere and unique authentic dishes of makes the LUCIANO restaurant perhaps the most prestigious and original high-class restaurant in Kazan.