Brand Chef's Menu





Fresh salmon tartare with cucumbers, red onion and dark rye bread toast

150 gr./650 rub.

Octopus and crab carpaccio  

170 gr./1380 rub.

Salad with goat cheese, green asparagus, artichokes and bottarga caviar

220 gr./1100 rub.

Corn salad with fried mushrooms, shallots and Iberian ham

210 gr./950 rub.

Salad with tender duck breast, pear dressed with berry balsamic sauce

180 gr./680 rub.

Seafood warm salad with fennel, celery dressed with citronet sauce

290 gr./1850 rub.

Salad leaves with a delicate cheese, Taggiasche olives and aromatic herbs dressed with pesto and balsamic sauce

270 gr./590 rub.



Fried baby squids with garlic and rosemary served with homemade polenta

and arrabbiata sauce

180 gr./810 rub.

Sea scallops served in white wine-cream sauce

185 gr./1150 rub.


Pasta and Risotto

Seafood linguine served in white wine-thyme sauce

330 gr./1800 rub.

Rigatoni Bolognese with veal, turkey and fresh basil leaves

320 gr./840 rub.

Penne with rabbit ragu and Provence herbs

340 gr./890 rub.

Tagliatelle in a creamy sauce with porcini mushrooms and black truffle

290 gr./950 rub.

Spaghetti with chili peppers and friend vegetables

290 gr./630 rub.

Risotto with saffron, shrimps and bottarga caviar

280 gr./810 rub.

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

320 gr./750 rub.

Risotto with rabbit meat and Gorgonzola cheese

270 gr./750 rub.



Italian-style borsch soup with pesto and balsamic sauce

380 gr./470 rub.

Chicken stock with ravioli

320 gr./410 rub.


315 gr./400 rub.

Seafood soup with garlic crouton

400 gr./1800 rub.

Lentil pottage with cured ham, fresh coriander and chili peppers

310 gr./420 rub.

Cream of asparagus and spinach soup

290 gr./580 rub.

Pumpkin soup with pine nuts and white honey

330 gr./320 rub.


Main Courses

Chilean sea bass with sauce béarnaise and spinach

Price for 100 gr./1120 rub.

Monkfish fillet with potatoes and aromatic herbs

Price for 100 gr./950 rub.

Dorado fillet in lemon sauce served with zucchini pappardelle and dried tomatoes

200 gr./890 rub.

Salmon cooked at low temperature served with wild rice, spinach and orange sauce

250 gr./850 rub.

Chicken alla diavola baked with aromatic herbs and julienne of vegetables

390 gr./780 rub.

Fried tomahawk steak with rosemary served with homemade mashed potatoes, green asparagus and black truffle

470 gr./2400 rub.

Suckling lamb carre with potatoes, porcini mushrooms and Provence herbs

370 gr./1800 rub.

Veal chop fried with butter and sage

350 gr./1350 rub.

Filet mignon dressed with demi-glace sauce served with mashed peas

280 gr./1250 rub.


On Grill

Lamb chop

Price for 100 gr./710 rub.

Ribeye prime

Price for 100 gr./850 rub.

Veal steak

Price for 100 gr./500 rub.


Side dishes

Spelt risotto

150 gr./180rub.


100 gr./400 rub.

Spinach with parmesan cheese and raisins

100 gr./450 rub.

Mashed potatoes

150 gr./150 rub.

Grilled vegetables

270 gr./390 rub.

Steamed vegetables

200 gr./350 rub.

Fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms and greens

220 gr./350 rub.