Non est census supersalutis corporis - There is nothing more precious than health.

Spa-Detox Integrated Health Program of Detoxification and Health Recovery.

According to the healthy lifestyle theory, all our sorrows and troubles are caused by intoxication. Stress, poor environment and poor diet destroy natural processes. Harmful substances, toxins and heavy metal salts are not leaving from the body as they should, but are accumulating and poisoning the body in turn causing malaise. To become cheerful and full of energy again you need to follow a purification course. In order to achieve long-term effects you should choose a complete detox program. It takes a few days and consists of drainage procedures, special diets and exercise. The program involves specific lifestyle restrictions that need to be strictly adhered to, but the results are impressive. But the results are impressive: you will feel much better and could loose extra weight in a short time (the weight will not return if you follow the diet recommendations). You will also notice that all tastes and smells have become richer and brighter.

Spa-detox program created by spa coordinator of our complex - Alexander Ivanov, MD, functional medicine doctor, with experience in preventive and regenerative medicine for over 6 years. One of the key moments in the establishment of an integrated program of cleansing diets is to make personal and individual approach. Complex cleaning procedures, exercise and diet will help you achieve a rapid effect in the short term, and advice on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be able to maintain the result for a long time.


·           Accommodation in comfortable rooms in our Boutique-hotel in the room type you choose

·         Diagnosing, consultation and observation by the doctor 

·         Dr. Walker's juice therapy (fresh juice treatment)

·         Herbal medicine (decoction treatment)

·         Special diet menu in the restaurant

·         Liver cleansing (if  indicated)

·         Manual techniques (visceral massage, therapeutic massage)

·         Cardio Gym and Hypoxi Capsule

·         Detox body wraps and Body-Detox treatment

·         Hydrotherapy (various types of baths and showers)

·         Swimming pool and various types of saunas

·         Healthy lifestyle and diet recommendations

The results

• Overall health and mood improvement

• Increase efficiency at work and resistance to stress

• Full body rejuvenation

• Weight correction

• Strengthening of the immune system

• Normalization of metabolism and digestion

• Gut, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, joint and kidney cleaning (the 3-days Program provides only gut, liver and gallbladder cleaning)