Frequently asked questions

  • What is the duration of the body detox program?

Duration of the detox program depends on your objectives and purpose. 3 days (2 nights) program is preventive and usually is held after having full seven-day course in order to maintain the result. Full detoxification program 7 days (6 nights) is therapeutic and is aimed at deep removal of toxins, allergens, and heavy metal salts from the body. Express program may be interesting for the persons, who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and has no chronic diseases. However, when chronic diseases are already formed (it indicates a cellular stage of intoxication), or if you do a body detoxification for the first time, it is better to get a seven-day program.

  • How often should I go through the body detoxification program?

For how many times you can go through this program depends on several factors: age, concomitant diseases, lifestyle, bad habits, location, etc. All of these factors are taken into account by the doctor when he makes the appointment for the next time. Generally, a full seven-day course should not be went through more than 1-2 times a year. Express program can be done 1-2 times in 3 months.

  • Do we use a water fasting diet for detoxification program?

Water fasting diet is not used in the program. Water fasting diet involves abstinence from any kind of food. During detoxification, our patients receive a full range of vitamins and minerals from juices, herbal decoctions, cleaning solutions and emulsions. In other words, in this program we provide patients with liquid food, that requires less energy to digest, which allows your body to spend it on detoxification process. Our method is much more effective than complete fasting as in the fasting case your body has a lack of catalysts (vitamins and minerals) to neutralize toxins in the liver and it slows a purification process.  In terms of detoxification, one day of spa-detox program as effective as 3-4 days of fasting diet.

  • Whether the program is effective in weight loss and cellulite?

Excess weight and cellulite is a problem of the full body, where metabolic disorders have place. It is useless to go on a diet and to visit massage salons – it will be the effect of short-duration. It is necessary to take good care of your health -  to go through a detoxification program. First of all you should "clean" the internal organs of toxins, and then adjust your  lifestyle. Only then the result will be stable and durable.

  • How many extra kilograms you can lose on the program?

Usually 3-day program helps you lose 1- 4 kilos, 7-day program helps you lose 5 - 7 kilos. It depends on your original weight. Then, if you follow doctor's recommendations you can lose about 1-2 kilos per week.  The body volume is more important than weight, as sometimes kilograms go insignificantly, but the waist and hip volume decreases significantly (7-10 cm). You can lose weight because your body gets rid of the by-products of poor digestions, mucus, and excessive liquid go out from the body; the body fat is also reducing.

  • Isn`t it harmful to lose weight so fast?

Due to sedentary lifestyle, overeating, bad habits, our bodies accumulate a huge amount of so-called "waste". You can lose weight because your body gets rid of by-products of poor digestions, mucus, excessive liquid, bile; the body fat is also reducing. It brings nothing but good, as these long-term deposits does not serve for anything.

  • Do I need a program for people with normal weight or for thin people?

The program is aimed at cleansing of internal organs, modification of lifestyle and nutrition, so it will be useful and interesting not only for the people who are overweight. People with normal weight will not see any significant weight loss.

  • Which organs will be purified on a detox program?

The program is aimed at activation of the body detoxification natural processes that are taking place mainly in the liver. Due to drainage procedures toxins pass from the depot (adipose tissue, muscle, extracellular space) in the lymph and blood, and then to the liver, where takes place neutralization of "toxins." Then neutralized toxins are removing naturally through channels: intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin and mucous membranes. As a result of completing the program your body becomes free of toxins naturally.  Here have place a cleansing of internal organs (liver, kidney, pancreas), and an internal liquid media (blood, lymph, extracellular matrix) as well as a removal of toxins from your cells.

  • Are there any age restriction for the detox program?

The program is individual, there are not any age restrictions, but it requires a doctor's consultation.

  • Are there any contraindications for the detox program?

Yes, there are. You should consult the doctor, the spa coordinator.

  •  Are cleansing enemas or hydrocolonotherapy used in the program?

No, they are not. These methods of "cleansing" are not natural and they require strict medical indications. Uncontrolled usage of these procedures for the bowel cleanse leads to several complications: intestinal dysbacteriosis, intestinal wall rupture, exacerbation of hemorrhoids etc.

  • What is the way to clean the internal organs?

The cleansing occurs naturally through increased excretion of internal organs due to a special diet, herbal decoctions, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, mineral water as well as due to extensive drainage procedures (bowel lavage, liver cleansing (tubage), massages, saunas, exercises, breathing exercises, ozone-therapy).

  • Can I come for the body detoxification program with the child?

Yes, you can. You can take a purification course while your children can take a health-improving course. Children`s Club of the LUCIANO spa complex includes a separate children's room, children's aqua zone and a special children's gym. Our skilled instructors give classes aimed at child development, teaching children to swim and to take exercise.

  • Can I go through  the body detoxification program during period?

 It is not contra-indicated absolutely, you should only have tampons with you.