Genetic Testing

Health plan on the basis of genetic testing

Making an individual health plan on the basis of a DNA test for every patient - is an innovative approach in the health recovery and it has no parallel in our country. After completing the detoxification program, such a plan can help to avoid harmful food for your body, to prevent certain genetic diseases, allergic reactions to drugs and to determine exercise capacity. Even if you are completely healthy at the moment and do not take drugs, information about your genetic features can be very useful for prevention.

Genetic testing is conducted by a Genex laboratory, which is a partner of our Spa-complex. Genetic testing report is made by medical geneticists, certified by The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) and they are leading experts in the field of human genetics. Interpretation of test results is given by genetics doctors.

There are several programs of genetic research:

  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Full genetic report (risk of diseases, response to drugs, carrier status for hereditary diseases)
  • Nutrition and metabolism + full genetic report
  • Nutrition and metabolism + the risk of diseases

Genetic testing will give the following information:

Comprehensive knowledge about the features of your genome, about the strengths and weaknesses, will protect you from unforeseen health consequences. Knowing your genetic predisposition for diseases such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease, cancer, etc., you can prevent them in time due to effective prevention programs.

Individual recommendations for supporting the balance of necessary nutrients (genes control the ability of rapid removal of some vitamins from the blood, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies and cause serious imbalances).

Individual recommendations for dietary intake, reduction of food addiction, understanding your reactions to foods, determined by certain genes.

Expert valuation of the necessary physical activity (type, quantity, duration, exercise intensity). Benefit of physical activity depends on its proper selection for a person.

Additional tools for a further weight loss. When your weight often comes back, you need individual approach. Even hereditary, genetic obesity problem (9.7%) can be solved and you can reach and maintain your normal weight n the future. If you are unable to lose or maintain weight, now it is possible to make it real.

A healthy lifestyle concept, that will allow you to be an active, efficient, attractive and slim. Clear and simple guidelines will help you minimize the negative environmental effects on your body, to find sources of active longevity, to restore stress tolerance. Genetic testing will help you get individual recommendations on key points of your body`s  protection.

How genetic tests are done?

  • After doctor`s consultation and the conclusion of the contract, you will get the special kit for testing. A small amount of saliva should be placed in a special tube.
  • The kit going to be sent to the U.S., where the laboratory receives a saliva sample and extract your DNA. The DNA was then passed through a series of preparatory procedures for the extraction and purification and subsequent genotyping. Then your DNA is diagnosed with a microchip, and in this way thousands of markers that have an impact on human health are going to be genotyped. Then have place a  perform quality control process where the output genotypic data pass through bioinformatics unit, and through standardization of data and calculation results. Data after standardization process is going to combined with professional data that interpret and explain the results of the analysis.
  • After 6-8 weeks you will receive an illustrated report on genetic testing results with personalized recommendations.
  • Illustrated genetic report also includes (while you are passing through the «Spa-detox» program) functionality report (based on questionnaires and blood tests, ultrasound, etc.) and functional medicine doctor`s consultation.
  • The accuracy of genetic testing is very high - 99.7%. It is done once, since our genome remains constant throughout the life cycle. If you want to make some genetic test, you do not need to send the samples of your DNA again, as they will be stored in a safe cryobank in the U.S.