Children's teachers and trainers


In addition to training process our specialists instil in children enthusiasm and interest to physical activity.

Teachers and coaches of the children's club Adriana

The coach plays a huge role in a child's life. In many ways, it depends on him whether the child will be happy to play sports and whether the first achievements will appear. Choosing a mentor is one of the key points on the way to the desired result. Swimming teachers and fitness trainers for children have a great influence on the formation of personality: character, behavior and worldview.

When choosing a coach, consider:
- specialized or pedagogical education;
- love for children, the ability to motivate and support;
- the ability to find a common language;
- knowledge of child physiology and psychology;
- achievements and awards.

Club for children Adriana is a place where conditions are created for the comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual. Club sections: acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, sports and health and synchronized swimming, martial arts, creative workshop. You can practice from an early age. They take rhythmic gymnastics from 2.5 years old, and you can go to acrobatics at 4 years old. Qualified teachers and experienced coaches with specialized higher education work with children, who regularly take refresher courses. They find an approach to each child, taking into account the individuality and characteristics of the character.

Children's teachers and coaches in Kazan at the Luciano club are assistants for parents who will become the best mentors and lead the child to the result.

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