Dance teacher


over 6 years


KFU Faculty of Sociology

Additional education:

- More than 100 master classes in various areas of street and modern choreography from the leading dancers of Russia and Europe

- Winter Groove Dance Camp

- Summer Groove Dance Camp

- Mendel University, Czech Republic

- Language School of English , Malta - English

- KFU, Institute of International Relations (Translator)


- Choreographer of KFU concert programs

- Head of the dance group "Speak Out"

- Laureate of the Russian President's Award for Supporting Talented Youth

- Artist of the opening and closing ceremonies of the FINA World Aquatics Championship, the WORLD SKILLS Championship of working professions

- Winner in the nomination "Choreography"

- Contemporary Art Championship - 2020

- Winner in the nomination "Modern dance" - Student Spring of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2021


  • Baby ballet (3-6 years old), Kids ballet (7-14 years old), Stretching (7-14 years old), English (3-14 years old), Dance rhythm, modern and pop dance (14 years old), Dance Baby (3 -6 years old), Dance Junior (7-14 years old)
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