Genetic analyzes




  • Total

    40,000 ₽
  • Sports

    10,000 ₽
  • Thrombophilia

    6,000 ₽
  • Metabolism

    5,000 ₽
  • Genetic study of one genetic polymorphism

    2,000 ₽
  • Genetic study of the composition of the intestinal microbiota

    32 microorganisms
    6,000 ₽

Genetic analysis in Kazan

Genetic analysis is a study of human DNA that provides complete information about genes, diseases and possible pathologies. Some diseases are congenital in nature and a genetic test allows specialists to calculate risks and identify the characteristics of a person's health. You can get tested for genetic diseases at any age. A genetic test is a kind of health passport, focusing on which a person makes his life better.

Benefits of a genetic test:
- the opportunity to obtain information about congenital health characteristics;
- shows predisposition to diseases, reveals the causes of pathologies;
- helps doctors in prescribing effective treatment and making recommendations;
- will tell you how to properly maintain beauty and health.

The price of genetic research in Kazan depends on the type of test. Luciano Medical Center offers testing in the following areas:

- Total – a complete genetic study of genes, which is the key to health. The test gives a complete picture.

- Тромбофилия – determines the risk of blood clots, the possibility of developing arterial and venous thrombosis, blood clotting factors, the risks of heart attack, stroke, coronary disease.

- Sports - will reveal the genetic characteristics of the endurance and strength of the body, energy consumption, which will help you choose the right physical activity that will benefit and improve the functioning of all body systems.
- Metabolism - will reveal individual needs in terms of the quality and quantity of nutrients that a person receives from food.

Where can I take a genetic test in Kazan? It is best to do this in medical institutions that specialize in this. This will allow not only to go through the procedure correctly, but also to get a complete transcript. The doctor's consultation includes analysis of the test with personal recommendations for genes, it is also possible, based on the data, to create an individual nutrition program, training and procedures that will preserve beauty and youth.

Luciano Center offers such medical services in Kazan:

- physiotherapy and hydrotherapy
- hardware and injection procedures
- massages and body wraps
- intravenous therapy
- osteopathy, ophthalmology
- sclerotherapy and acupuncture
- functional diagnostics

An integrated approach will allow not only to identify the features and possible violations in the body, but also to work with the problem in different planes. A high level of diagnostics and an individual approach to each guest are the foundations on which the work of the staff is built.

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