Doctors of the LUCIANO Clinic

LUCIANO medical personnel are the real specialists who help other people to be healthy and beautiful.

Specialists of the medical and cosmetology center in Kazan

Safety and comfort, beauty and health are the aspects on which the work at the Luciano Medical Center is built. The specialists of the medical clinic and cosmetology in Kazan solve problems related not only to aesthetic beauty, but also help to improve the health of the whole organism. You can make an appointment with an endocrinologist, neurologist, cardiologist, physiotherapist, gynecologist and urologist, phlebologist, somnologist. A psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist will help to improve the emotional state. Pediatricians are waiting for the little guests.

Here you will definitely find a specialist whom you can trust in resolving your issues, and you will feel comfortable during consultations, procedures and treatment. Doctors will answer all your questions and select a treatment based on individual characteristics and wishes. These can be injection and hardware techniques in cosmetology, as well as procedures for improving the body.

Medical and beauty center equipped with modern equipment, only certified drugs are used in the work, which have confirmed the effectiveness and safety. Doctors and nurses of the medical center and cosmetology have specialized education and extensive experience, you will feel comfortable even when visiting the most delicate procedures.

Luciano - medical clinic in Kazan, where they are the first to learn about the latest methods of treatment and prevention, innovative methods in the field of beauty. The staff regularly improves their skills and is trained in advanced technologies. More than a thousand clients trust Luciano specialists to take care of their health.

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