Galeeva Iuliia Vasilievna

Galeeva Iuliia Vasilievna
Senior Revitalization Program Nurse

Galeeva Iuliia Vasilievna

work experience 20 years


Moscow Medical Academy in 1999


  • Diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases
  • Hardware methods – application of photo and laser technologies: Fraxel, М 22, Accent XL, Spectra, Ultraformer, Light Sheer Duet - Lumenes, Yakhroma-Med, Intraceuticals, Lase MD, Gene O+, HydraFacial, O2 Jet Peel
  • Injection methods: mezotherapy, biorevitalization, bioreinforcement, contour plastics, vector lifting, 3D modeling, treatment of mimic wrinkles and hyperhidrosis, plasmotherapy and PRP therapy
  • Care procedures: care procedures based on Biologique Recherche,Comfort Zone products, facial cleaning, exfoliating

Supplementary certification:

  • Diploma Practical Nutritiology and Naturopathy, 2020
  • Certificate of Specialist Dermatovenerology, 2019
  • Certificate of Specialist Cosmetology, 2020
  • Certificate in program Application of Sources of High-Intense Impulse Light in Dermatocosmetology, 2020
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