Mirolyubova Daria Borisovna

Mirolubova Darya Borisovna

Mirolubova Darya Borisovna

work experience 9 years


FSBEI HE Kazan State Medical University, Faculty of Pediatrics in 2009 Internship at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics with a PDO course in the specialty "Pediatrics" in 2010 Postgraduate study at the Department of General Hygiene of KSMU in 2021


  • Comprehensive pediatric examination
  • Development of an individual calendar (schedule) of vaccination
  • Management of frequently ill children
  • Preparing children for kindergarten
  • Development of individual diets

Supplementary certification:

  • Advanced training in the specialty "Allergology and Immunology" in 2019
  • Advanced training in the specialty "Pediatrics" in 2015 and 2020
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