Sazonov Aleksandr Fedorovich

Sazonov Aleksandr Fedorovich

Sazonov Aleksandr Fedorovich

work experience 20 years


Kazan State Medical University, 2003

Internship training Pediatrics in 2004              

ical residency Anesthesiology and Reanimatology in 2006


  • Cosmetologist’s consultation, dermatologist’s consultation, diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases
  • Injection methods: botulinotherapy, mezotherapy, biorevitalization, plasmotherapy, ozonotherapy, blanch therapy (Belotero soft), contour plastic surgery and 3D-modeling
  • Hardware methods – application of photo and laser technologies: M22 (photorejuvenation, phototreatment of the vessels and pigmentation, photoepilation), Spectra (carbon peeling), laser epilation LightSheer Duet, Ultraformer, Accent XL, HydraFacial, Intraceuticals, Lase MD, GeneO+, Vela Shape, Yakhroma-Med, phototherapy with M22 Zeltiq, Healite II device, radiowave lifting Pelleve
  • Phisiotherapeutical methods: cryosauna, barochamber, pressotherapy, detox tube, Zerona, xenonotherapy, hardware physiotherapy
  • Care procedures: cleaning procedures Holy Land, care procedures with Biologique Recherche, Comfort Zone products, exfoliating (SesDerma, PRX, BioRePeel)

Supplementary certification:

  • Diploma Organisation of Healthcare and Public Health, 2020
  • Certificate of Specialist Dermatovenerology, 2019
  • Certificate of Specialist Cosmetology, 2020
  • Certificate of Specialist Physiotherapy, 2020
  • Certificate of participation in the 9th Scientific-Practical Conference Innovation Medical Rehabilitation. Physiotherapy. Balneology. Remedial Gymnastics.
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