Health improvement packages


LUCIANO hotel provides a wide range of health improvement program that will help you to keep your body toned and combine the good recreation with care of your health.

    DETOX program developed by our physicians is based on a complex approach.
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    Modern rhythm of life requires special care of your health. This program is aimed for cleaning and recovery.
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    Intensive will allow to improve the body quality and develop new healthy habits in 7 or 10 days.
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    Silhouette correction in LUCIANO SPA complex is a pleasant and very fascinating process leading to slim silhouette, tone and freshness of the skin, excellent mood and state of health
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    It is very important to listen to important signals of the organism and timely help your body to revocer quickly and efficiently.
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    Regular care is a basis that allows to preserve skin elasticity and body lifted and health.
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    Reloading program of LUCIANO medical center helps to releive consequences of stress, stabilizes sleep, will help you to recover the forces, improve attention and memory.
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  • Healthy Longevity

    The specialists of the LUCIANO spa complex have developed a comprehensive
    a rehabilitation program that will help restore a weakened body and return to the usual rhythm of life.
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    We will select individual supervision for achievement of the maximum result.
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    The comprehensive program shall be good to stregnthen the chilren immunity, prevent the diseases and complete relax.
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    Preventive treatment of bile duct diseases is a right diet with observation og the regimen allowing to fix nutrition processes.
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LUCIANO Spa Complex offers a unique opportunity to combine relaxation with an effective wellness program in a spa hotel, providing a comprehensive approach to the restoration and promotion of health.

Why choose wellness programs at LUCIANO Spa Hotel?

Choosing wellness programs at LUCIANO Spa Hotel becomes a conscious decision for those who seek harmony of body and mind based on reliable data and results. At LUCIANO, each program is designed with the latest scientific research in the field of wellness and recovery, providing guests with not only maximum comfort but also noticeable results.

1. Science-Based Approach. Studies show that regular spa visits and wellness programs reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality and increase the body's energy levels. At LUCIANO, these programs are designed to meet each of these indicators, providing guests with all the conditions necessary to achieve these results.

2. Individualized wellness plans. The programs at LUCIANO are tailored to each guest's personal goals and health condition.

3. Qualified Professionals. The spa is staffed by more than 50 certified professionals, including physicians, nutritionists, fitness instructors and spa therapists. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a holistic effect on the guest's body, encompassing all aspects of wellness.

4. State-of-the-art technology and equipment. The spa complex is equipped with advanced medical and spa equipment to incorporate the latest advances in wellness.

5. Positive feedback and results. More than 95% of guests who have completed wellness programs at LUCIANO report improved overall health, increased vitality and reduced signs of stress. These results are made possible thanks to the individual approach and high qualification of specialists.

Variety of wellness programs

LUCIANO Spa Complex offers a wide range of wellness programs in Kazan, designed to meet the most diverse needs and goals of guests. These programs combine the best practices and innovations in recovery and wellness, providing a comprehensive approach to improving health.

1. SPA procedures. Incorporate traditional and innovative techniques such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and thalassotherapy, offering deep relaxation and revitalization. Each treatment helps to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and strengthen immunity.

2. Fitness Programs. Based on the latest scientific developments, they include personal training, group classes, yoga and Pilates. They are designed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and coordination, as well as weight loss and overall body tone.

3. Detox Programs. These are individually designed to cleanse the body of toxins, optimize digestion and improve metabolism. Programs may include specialized diets, cleansing treatments and nutritional cocktails, supporting the body throughout the course of recovery.

4. Mental Health Programs. Psychological sessions, meditations and relaxation techniques are aimed at reducing stress and anxiousness, improving emotional well-being and achieving inner harmony.

Personalization of the approach to guests' health

At LUCIANO, special attention is paid to the individuality of each guest. Personalization of the approach to health is a key principle that allows us to work as effectively as possible to improve the health status and achieve personal goals of each visitor.

1. Individual consultations. Before starting any wellness program, guests undergo a thorough health diagnosis. LUCIANO doctors and specialists analyze the guest's medical history, current condition and personal goals to develop an individual wellness plan.

2. Program adaptation. Depending on the individual characteristics and preferences of the guest, the program can be adjusted. This provides not only convenience and comfort, but also increases the effectiveness of the proposed procedures and classes.

3. Monitoring of results. Throughout the course, specialists monitor the guest's health dynamics, adjusting the program if necessary. This helps to achieve the best results and ensures that each guest gets the maximum benefit from their stay at LUCIANO.

Professional specialists in the team

LUCIANO Spa is proud of its team of professionals, each of whom is an expert in his or her field. These are medical doctors, spa therapists, nutritionists, fitness instructors and psychologists with higher education and international certificates. Thanks to their experience and expertise, LUCIANO's wellness program in Kazan is at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

- Medical doctors specialize in various aspects of health, including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology and psychotherapy, providing a comprehensive approach to assessing and improving guests' health.
- Spa therapists are skilled in a wide range of techniques, from classical massage to exotic treatments based on ancient traditions and modern techniques.
- Dietitians design customized nutrition plans to help achieve wellness goals, including detoxification and weight management.
- Fitness instructors offer personalized workout plans, including personal training and group classes, to improve fitness and achieve harmony of body and mind.

Health and wellness benefits

Wellness programs contribute to the comprehensive improvement of guests' health. The effectiveness of these approaches has been confirmed by both research and positive feedback from guests who have noted a significant improvement in their physical and emotional state.

Book a recovery program at the hotel

We invite guests to take advantage of a unique opportunity to combine relaxation with taking care of their health in the LUCIANO Spa Complex. Reservations are available by clicking on the link to the bath complex with swimming pool: bath complex with swimming pool.

Wellness program in a spa hotel, recovery program in Kazan, types of programs for recovery and recuperation, health care while staying at the hotel - all this you will find in LUCIANO, where every guest finds not only relaxation, but also a new perspective on a healthy lifestyle.

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