Restaurant LUCIANO

The restaurant of the LUCIANO spa complex invites you to cozy breakfasts, gourmet lunches and unforgettable dinners. The menu is based on European cuisine, as well as dishes of Russian and Tatar cuisines. To guarantee the quality and freshness of each dish, preference is given to local products and own production.

Attention should be paid to the harmonious combination of sea delicacies and farm products: mussels and scallops are baked with oyster mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in homemade sour cream, dorado fillets are complemented with baked potatoes and tomatoes, Far Eastern seafood is served with fennel, celery, lemon and eggplant.

Aleksandr Safargaleev

Restaurant spa complex LUCIANO

Cozy place with gastronomic cuisine

The rich experience of professionals in their field will open up new tastes for you, and attentiveness and quality service will ensure the comfort of any meeting.

The kitchen is headed by chef Alexander Safargaleev, who skillfully inscribes novelties into the philosophy of the restaurant, offering guests bright flavor combinations and aesthetic presentation of a European level.

The principle of work is based on the use of high-quality and fresh products with an emphasis on local producers, unique flavor combinations, and high standards of service. Dishes are prepared according to both traditional and modern recipes with the author's interpretation. This is a restaurant with delicious food for couples and families. For younger guests, we recommend something that children adore. Here, no one will go hungry.

The menu includes over 300 items:

- cold and hot appetizers

- salads

- cereals and soups

- pasta and risotto

- fish and meat dishes

- pastries and desserts

- freshly squeezed juices and cocktails

The Luciano spa complex restaurant in the center of Kazan will please even the most sophisticated visitor with a variety of dishes: scallop ceviche, mussels in blue cheese sauce, bouillabaisse with seafood, ravioli with wild mushrooms, Chilean sea bass with caviar sauce and spinach, baked horse meat on the rib. For lovers of sweets - the most delicate honey cake, tiramisu, Anna Pavlova, cheesecakes, carrot and chocolate cakes.

We offer an extensive list of wines and spirits from around the world. Below we offer you to get acquainted with the restaurant menu, separate business lunches and book a table at a time suitable for you.

Those who prefer a lot of light and space around, we invite you to the restaurant "Terrace", where you will find a large selection of delicious dishes, a trendy interior and a pleasant atmosphere. This is a good alternative to a strict and businesslike space.

Detailed information about other locations of the complex can be found by clicking on the link to website of Kazan restaurants: lobby bar, beauty bar, fitness and spa bars.

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