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Our objective is to make children more dexterous, strong, lissome, tolerant, more sociable, to teach them dancing and signing, swimming, to develop their creative skills, to achieve success, to demonstrate their best qualities and talents.

    Baby swimming, developing classes for children of every age, long-stay groups, day off membership cards
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    Pre-school training of children from the age of 4, sports, swimming, artistic and theater studios, rhythmic gymnastics
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    Play room, individual supervision of the children, logopedist, creative and culinary workshops
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    Day-time camp. Every school holidays for children from 6 to 10 years. Various thematic shifts of 5 and 10 days.
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Spa Hotel LUCIANO offers not just a vacation, but a holistic rejuvenation of strength and health for the whole family. One of the unique offers is the Children's Club at the Hotel Adriana, designed to provide children with a joyful and healthy time while their parents enjoy spa treatments or participate in fitness classes. The aim of the club is not only fun, but also the all-round development of the young guests.

Goals and philosophy

"Adriana" is not just a day club for children, but a place where the young guests of the LUCIANO Spa Hotel gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. The fundamental goal of the hotel's Kids Club is to create a unique environment that supports the child's all-round development. The focus is not only on the physical, but also on the emotional, social and creative growth of each participant.

Adriana understands that harmony between active play and quiet activities, between individual creativity and teamwork is the key to balanced development. Here, conditions are created where children can experiment, explore and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. This strengthens not only physical skills but also social skills such as communication, teamwork and respect for others.

Programs and classes

The children's club "Adriana" has developed a variety of programs that correspond to the interests and age characteristics of children. The cost of a daytime children's club in Kazan is justified by the quality and variety of activities offered:

- Creative workshops give children the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities through drawing, sculpting and making crafts. This not only promotes the development of fine motor skills and imagination, but also gives children the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts in a creative way.
- Music and dance studios introduce children to the world of rhythm, melody and movement. Music and dance classes not only develop musical ear and sense of rhythm, but also improve coordination, flexibility and stamina.
- Swimming lessons and water games not only bring joy and pleasure, but are also an important element of physical education, promoting health and the development of all muscle groups.
- Sports games and competitions are aimed at developing agility, speed and endurance, helping children learn healthy competition, teamwork and respect for opponents.

Pedagogical staff

In the children's club "Adriana" there are teachers and coaches who are real professionals. They are distinguished not only by their deep knowledge in their field and high qualification, but also by their special attitude to children. Each specialist here is not just a teacher, but also a mentor, a friend who is ready to share not only knowledge, but also the warmth of his heart.

Teachers of the children's club have a unique talent to find an approach to each child, to see and support his individuality. They know how to inspire and motivate, help children to overcome difficulties, teach them to be brave and purposeful. Their approach is based on the belief that every child has unlimited potential, and the adult's task is to help unlock this potential.

A special feature of the children's club at the hotel is the multidisciplinary composition of teachers. Specialists in physical education, music, fine arts, as well as psychologists and speech therapists work here. This approach allows to cover all aspects of the child's development, contributing to its harmonious maturation.

Individual approach

One of the key principles of work of the club for day care children is to take into account the individual characteristics of each child. This approach is manifested in everything, from the selection of classes to methods of education and upbringing. In "Adriana" they understand that each child has different interests, abilities and pace of development, and this requires special, personalized attention.

Individual approach starts from the first meeting with the child, when teachers get acquainted with his/her character, preferences, hobbies. This allows us to create an educational program that will best meet the needs and interests of a particular child, making the learning process not only effective, but also fun.

In the children's day camp in Kazan a lot of attention is also paid to the adaptation of children. For many kids staying in a children's club becomes the first experience of independence, and teachers do everything possible to make this experience positive. A favorable, supportive atmosphere is created, where each child feels confident and comfortable.

Developing the best qualities and talents

The program of the Adriana Children's Club at LUCIANO Spa Hotel is designed in such a way that every child can not only have fun and enjoy themselves, but also discover new talents and develop their existing abilities. The club's activities cover a wide range of areas, from creative workshops and music classes to sports training and scientific experiments, which allows each child to find something to his or her liking.

The success stories of the club members are inspiring and motivating. Many of them, after starting at Adriana, discover an incredible aptitude for a particular art or sport, which may develop into a serious hobby or even a profession in the future. Examples of such successes serve as proof that early talent development and support during childhood play a key role in shaping an individual.

A favorable environment for growth and socialization

Adriana Kids Club is a place where every child feels accepted and valued. All conditions are created here so that children can not only learn new things, but also find friends, learn to work in a team and feel cozy and safe.

An important part of the club's program is team games and group activities that promote communication skills and teach children to interact with each other, respect and accept differences. This helps to build a sense of solidarity and friendship, teaching children to be part of a team and achieve common goals together.

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If you are looking for a place where your child can not only spend quality and useful time, but also develop their best qualities and talents, we recommend booking a hotel in Kazan. We offer a varied program of classes, in which each child can find something for themselves. Professional teaching staff, individual approach to each participant and favorable atmosphere will make your child's stay in our club an unforgettable and useful experience.

Please contact us for more information and to enroll in the Kids Club. We are always happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best program for your child.
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