Hardware methods

Hardware cosmetology is application of special equipment and various physical methods for medical and care cosmetic procedures.


Hardware cosmetology procedures for the body in Kazan

Just a couple of decades ago, surgery was considered a panacea for skin aging. Today, science has taken a big step forward - safe methods in cosmetology occupy a leading position and allow you to painlessly eliminate appearance defects in a short time and maintain youthfulness of the body and face. Luciano - the center of hardware cosmetology in Kazan will help with this.

Hardware cosmetology - procedures of a rejuvenating and healing character for the body and face, which are carried out using various devices. Thanks to hardware techniques, you can improve the condition of the skin, restore and maintain beauty. They will be effective for mimic and deep wrinkles, scars and scars, dryness and flabbiness of the skin, ptosis and sagging tissues, hyperpigmentation and post-acne, dark circles and bags under the eyes, fat deposits and stretch marks.

Advantages of hardware cosmetology:
- can be included in the beauty schedule from the age of 20;
- non-surgical techniques that allow you to achieve results in a short time;
- do not cause pain;
- a short recovery period after the procedures;
- maintaining the effect for a long time.

The possibilities of hardware methods are extensive. Hardware cosmetology of the face and body in the Luciano clinic is represented by the following types of procedures:
- Laser skin resurfacing on Dermablate, Fraxel devices: elimination of age spots, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks;
- Phototherapy on the apparatus M 22: correction of vascular changes, redness, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars and scars.
- Cleansing of the skin of the face and neck on the Hydrafacial apparatus: cleansing of keratinized epithelial cells, cleansing of pores, anti-age therapy.
- RF lifting, SMAS lifting, PELLEVE radio wave lifting, ACCENT XL lifting: rejuvenation and correction of body and face contours, getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks, tissue tightening, wrinkle smoothing, getting rid of ptosis, upper eyelid lifting, increasing skin elasticity covers.
- Laser rejuvenation on the LASEMD device: improves skin turgor, eliminates dryness, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation on the face, deeply nourishes and moisturizes.
- Care on the INTRACEUTICALS device: saturation of the skin with serum based on hyaluronic acid.
- Laser hair removal: painless hair removal.

The salon of hardware laser cosmetology in Kazan is a combination of innovative modern technologies, high professionalism of specialists, service at the European level in the very center of the capital of Tatarstan. And all this at affordable prices!

It is important to note that all hardware techniques are compatible with other cosmetic procedures:
- injection procedures;
- care procedures;
- peelings.

A cosmetologist will help you decide on a hardware method during a consultation. It takes into account the history, type and characteristics of the skin, visible signs of aging, lifestyle and habits, possible contraindications. The program of the course of recovery and rejuvenation (the number and frequency of procedures) is determined individually for each.

Luciano – cosmetology center in Kazan premium class, where luxury atmosphere of comfort and beauty reigns. Here they know how to prolong youth, maintain health and emphasize natural charm with the help of innovative achievements in the field of cosmetology and medicine.

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