Luciano Hotel & SPA is the one and only center in Tatarstan of such class and format. Here you may receive the whole spectrum of services for revitalization, rejuventation of the organism, recreation and relaxation at the highest European level.
  • care

    Professional cosmetological facial and body skin care
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  • hardware methods

    Hardware cosmetological facial and body skin care
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    Esthetic correction without any threat to health and surgical intervention
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    Non-surgical method of solving facial skin aging problems
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    The quickest and the most efficient method for undesired hair removal
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    Delicate problem solving
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    Facial contour correction through creation of reinforced frame from special threads
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    Special injection procedures designed for solving cosmetological problems
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    Special cleaning, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory impact on skin
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    Injections activating skin regeneration processes
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    Hardware solution for the problems related to skin diseases or cosmetological imperfections
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    Intravenous administration of medications and other medical manipulations
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    LUCIANO medical personnel are real professionals who help people to be healthy and beautiful
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    LUCIANO medical personnel are real professionals who help people to be healthy and beautiful
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Центр косметологии в Казани

Caring for appearance has long ceased to be the choice of only women. A well-groomed appearance is a hallmark of a person and creates an idea of him among business partners, subordinates and social circle. Patients come to us not only to solve the aesthetic problems that have appeared, they come for changes for the better.

Luciano - is the only one medical center in Kazan similar class and format. Thanks to a wide range of services, we have a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the aesthetic needs of the patient.

We recommend that you start getting to know your skin with a consultation with a specialist. This is necessary in order to get a professional assessment and fix its condition. Since the skin, like a beacon, reflects any imbalance in the body, the doctor can pay attention to the general state of health and suggest changes in lifestyle: eating habits, hygiene, daily routine. Thus, at the consultation, the cosmetologist draws up a “road map” to a more attractive, radiant face.

In matters of health and beauty, we focus on prevention. Regular professional care can delay the use of more serious methods, and in combination - prolong their effectiveness. So, pleasant relaxing care procedures contribute to the preservation of youth and beauty of the face, bestowed by nature.

For therapeutic purposes, when it is necessary to correct the aesthetic imperfections of the skin, the Luciano clinic uses hardware cosmetology techniques. Their main advantage is the ability to eliminate imperfections on the face and body without the intervention of a surgeon. For several sessions under the supervision of a doctor, the manifestation of age-related changes and dermatological defects decreases:

● Wrinkles;
● Floated face oval;
● Flabbiness of the skin;
● Pigmentation, post-acne;
● Dark circles under the eyes;
● Edema;
● Scars.

The favorite among cosmetology services are "beauty injections". Injectable procedures instantly transform the skin condition and target the specific problems of the patient.

Dryness, acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores - correcting such conditions with a course of mesotherapy significantly improves the quality of life and increases self-confidence.

Biorevitalization, coupled with hardware techniques, preserves a nourished and healthy-looking face for a long time. After a course of care procedures, when the skin is in optimal condition, we recommend botulinum therapy. This will allow you to fix the result and look at your best for a long time.

The advantage of Luciano is the choice: instant rejuvenation with the help of injections, hardware techniques, or a completely manual approach - buccal massage. The procedure corresponds to the “green beauty” trend, eliminates the need for anesthesia and is quite comfortable.

Regular facial massage models the shape and relief, relieves tension from the jaw and is a complete anti-aging treatment.

Having crossed the threshold of the Luciano cosmetology center, you will find yourself in the reliable hands of experts. All services are provided by professionals with higher medical education who study global trends and methods in their field.

The key condition in the performance of procedures is the safety of patients, and therefore only certified drugs and equipment are used in the work. At the same time, prices for procedures in the cosmetology clinic remain competitive.

Our guests are among the first in Kazan to try new products in the field of beauty, as advanced technologies are being introduced into the medical cosmetology center in the shortest possible time.

There is no doubt that each of our guests looks great, because SPA complex Luciano combines the services of health improvement, body rejuvenation, rest and relaxation at the highest European level.

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