Medical Center

Medical Center


Luciano Hotel & SPA is the one and only center in Tatarstan of such class and format. Here you can obtain all range of service for your health improvement, rejuvenation of the organism, recreation and relaxation at the highest European level.

    Provides a positive effect on the organism, activates metabolic processes, speeds up the recovery
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    Is aimed for recovery of the lost functions and their maintenance in a good state
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    Medical effect of hydrotherapy is achieved due to complex impact on the organism of chemical and physical factors
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    New generation technologies in cosmetology
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    Massage in LUCIANO spa-complex helps to relieve emotional and physical stress
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    Method of affecting skin and organism with biologically active substances
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    Adults and children may obtain high-qualified osteopathic aid at our medical center
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    We will perform an accurate examination, determine the correct diagnosis, prescribe and control the relevant treatment
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    We will perform accurate examination, determine the correct diagnosis, prescribe and control the relevant treatment
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    Especially developed programs of comprehensive medical examination
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  • acupuncture

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  • sclerotherapy

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  • genetic analyzes

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  • ophthalmology

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What does health mean in its simplest sense? Wake up in the morning rested and spend a day that is 100% satisfied. Only in a healthy body is a healthy mind and the desire to live a bright and rich life day after day.

The whole range of paid services at the Luciano Medical Center is selected in such a way as to prevent illness from entering your life. A large number of procedures are aimed at the prevention of diseases.

● Hydrotherapy sessions are built on the beneficial effect of water: contrast baths and hydromassage. Treatments relieve pain, relax muscles, tone and energize.

● A pleasant way to improve well-being is wrapping. A variety of programs from the Thalion brand allow you to warm up, improve lymph flow, restore strength and cleanse the body of toxins. A visit spa treatments in Kazan enhances this effect several times.

● Massage helps relieve physical and emotional fatigue. Restores the body's defenses and strengthens the immune system. During the session, you become happier - serotonin rises, and after the massage - you fully relax during deep sleep.

Check-programs have been developed for regular checks of various body systems. They include consultations of qualified specialists, laboratory tests, functional and ultrasound diagnostics.

A detailed examination and prescription of treatment is performed by the best doctors in the city. Counseling is available for both adults and children. In our center you can have your children examined by experienced pediatricians with experience. In case of illness, they will walk hand in hand with you until recovery and teach you how to keep your child well in the future.

In the arsenal of physiotherapists - the latest equipment for the prevention and effective treatment of diseases. Hyperbaric chamber, electrophoresis, exposure to ultrasound and laser - with the help of hardware physiotherapy, recovery comes faster. And for the speedy recovery after a protracted illness or an unpleasant injury, rehabilitation programs are provided.

To remove the pain syndrome in one session allows the technique of acupuncture. Impact on biologically active points along with drug treatment saves in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and urological diseases.

You can learn more about all the health services on the official website of the Luciano clinic in Kazan.

For more than 10 years we have been creating all the conditions for health and joy of life to be available.

+ Clinic Luciano surprises with a “non-hospital” atmosphere. European style, friendliness, high level of service and a wide range of services for health improvement, rejuvenation and relaxation reign here.

+ No more need to leave Kazan in search of the best solution in matters of medicine. Advanced treatment technologies are immediately introduced into the practice of specialists.

+ In terms of the number of medical services and the provision of health-improving equipment, we can compete with multidisciplinary medical centers for prevention and health.

+ The whole family comes to us. The medical center provides services for children: check-up programs, consultations of children's specialists, including an osteopath, massage, apparatus physiotherapy and functional diagnostics.

+ The clinic is attended by experienced doctors who regularly improve their skills: a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, an endocrinologist, an allergist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, a urologist, a psychologist, a nutritionist, a family doctor and other specialists.

+ Health correction can be combined with beauty rituals in beauty salon, relax in the bath complex or visit the pool.

+ We are always nearby, because we are located in the very center of Kazan, which is easily accessible from anywhere in the city in 15 minutes.

Luciano is a unique project that combines all the components of a happy and healthy life. It's easy to be healthy with us!

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