Low-intensity laser irradiation (Zerona machine)

  • Low-intensity laser irradiation (Zerona machine)

    60 min
    10,400 ₽
  • Vacuum exposure (VelaShape device)

    30 min
    5,900 ₽
  • Vacuum exposure (VelaShape device)

    45 min
    7,200 ₽
  • Vacuum exposure (VelaShape device)

    60 min
    8,500 ₽
  • Vacuum exposure (Endospheres Therapy device)

    120 min
    9,800 ₽
  • Вакуумное воздействие (аппарат Endospheres Therapy) без ванны

    120 min
    8,200 ₽
  • Myostimulation of the body

    30 min
    2,000 ₽
  • Muscle electrical stimulation on the EMSculpt BTL device

    1 procedure
    15,000 ₽
  • Muscle electrical stimulation on the EMSculpt BTL device

    course of 4 procedures
    55,000 ₽
  • Muscle electrical stimulation on the EMSculpt BTL device

    course of 6 procedures
    75,000 ₽


When sports and proper nutrition are a familiar part of life, but folds on the sides and flabby skin with an “orange peel” do not disappear, hardware body procedures are the most effective. They are aimed at improving the figure and are performed with special equipment.
An important advantage of hardware techniques is that the elimination of aesthetic problems occurs without violating the integrity of the skin and the need recovery services and rehabilitation.


● skin rejuvenation;

● reduced visibility of stretch marks, scars, age spots;

● fight against fat traps and cellulite;

● smoothing wrinkles and folds on the neck and décolleté;

● getting rid of edema;

● skin lifting, especially after losing weight;

● body silhouette correction.

In order for the result of hardware correction of the body to be preserved for a long time, it is advisable to undergo a course of procedures. The method of correction, the duration of the course and its price are formed together with the doctor during a personal conversation with the patient.


Luciano Medical Center has modern equipment that meets the principles of safety and comfort of receiving services.

1. VELASHAPE – this is a combination of four methods of dealing with figure imperfections in one device. Radio waves work to increase the elasticity of the skin, infrared radiation breaks down fats, roller and vacuum massages improve blood circulation, stimulate lymph outflow, and help eliminate toxins.

2. ENDOSPHERES THERAPY – hardware method of body shaping and cellulite control, based on the principle of "pressure - compression". The procedure is carried out using a cylindrical nozzle with silicone rollers. Thanks to this effect, blood circulation is activated, excess fluid is removed from the tissues, and metabolism improves. Result: a noticeable lifting of the skin of the body and minus 1-2 clothing sizes!

3. ZERONA – technology aimed at body shaping due to low-frequency "cold" laser radiation. Under the action of the device, the contents of the fat cell are gradually excreted from the body in a natural way. Intensive lymphatic drainage occurs, swelling disappears and metabolism improves.

4. MYOSTIMULATION – method of figure correction under the influence of current. During the session, there is a rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscles, which increases their tone, improves blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism. After a course of procedures, there are noticeable changes in the outlines of the figure.

5. EMSCULPT – muscle training and fat burning. EMSCULPT helps to create a leaner, toned, contoured and reduced body fat while pumping the muscles underneath. It is the world's only non-invasive butt lift procedure..

Since the sessions are comfortable and painless for patients, hardware techniques are compatible with facial cosmetology. And you can enhance the result of body correction with wraps, massages and other services. SPA complex Luciano.

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