Sections for kids at Adrian Club


In one special place, in the very heart of Kazan, we have collected everything that brings joy to children!

    In addition to standard reading, writing and mathematics, we added to course visual arts, handmade classes and English
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  • karate

    Physical development, coordination development, vestibular system function improvement
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    Unique opportunity for a child to try himself in one of the most beautiful kinds of sport
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    Master the creative painting skills, ability to make compositions and combine the colours
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    Learning the sport styles of swimming
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    Training sessions are held in accordance with the author program that allow to achieve significant sports results, strengthen the muscle corset, develop the strength, endurance and coordination
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    Learning of the basics of rhythmic gymnastics, general physical and dancing training
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Who is the program for?

According to statistics, children by the age of 10 have a predisposition to the development of diseases against the background of an unhealthy lifestyle. To avoid this, parents should think in advance about which section to send the child to.

When choosing a sport, it is necessary to take into account age, contraindications and interests. If there is no specific preference, you can try different types of activities to determine the ability. The price of sports sections for children in Kazan depends on the chosen sport, the number of classes and the location.

Adriana - club for kids in Kazan, where all conditions for the harmonious physical and emotional development of children are created. Classes are conducted by professional and trained coaching staff, trained to work with children of different ages.

Sections of Adrian Club:

Acrobatics. For children 4-7 years old. Acquaintance with the basics of rhythmic gymnastics, also the child will receive physical and dance training.

Gymnastics. You can start practicing from 2.5 years. Suitable for both general development and professional practice.

Sports and fitness swimming. For children from 6 years old. The child will learn to swim with the correct technique in different styles. Systematic training strengthens health and increases stamina.

Synchronized swimming. For children 6-8 years old. Here they will teach you how to breathe properly under water, perform various exercises for arms and legs with the correct technique. Training forms a posture, hardens, increases the body's immunity.

Karate. For children 6-13 years old. This martial art is suitable for both boys and girls. Develops dexterity, strong-willed qualities and endurance, trains memory and attention.

Creative workshop. For children 6-13 years old. There are classes in drawing, modeling, and the child learns about famous artists, sculptors and architects.

If you yourself cannot decide whether to enroll your child in a children's circle and a swimming section, then you should contact the club. Experienced instructors will help identify interests and characteristics, choose the direction that will be comfortable and beneficial.

In order to have a result, you need to practice regularly, so the best solution would be - buy a subscription to the kids center. It is worth noting that children who are engaged in sections from an early age have strong immunity, are more disciplined and successful in their studies.

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