Sclerotherapy is a highly effective and safe method of treating various forms of varicose veins and intradermal spider veins. The essence of the method is the introduction of a special drug-sclerosant into the varicose vein, which, under certain conditions, causes the diseased vein to “stick together”, and it subsequently completely disappears. For its implementation, special thin needles or microcatheters are used. Modern sclerosants are safe. During one procedure (session) of sclerotherapy, the doctor performs from 3 to 8 injections. The number of injections depends on the degree of damage to the veins. The number of procedures is determined by the doctor.

Sclerotherapy of the 1st degree of complexity

  • Sclerotherapy of the 1st degree of complexity

    9 000 ₽
  • Sclerotherapy 2 degrees of complexity

    11,000 ₽
  • Sclerotherapy 3 degrees of complexity

    15,500 ₽

Sclerotherapy in Kazan

Sclerotherapy is a safe non-surgical method of treating varicose veins, which painlessly eliminates vascular "asterisks" and other manifestations of varicose veins. The essence of the technique: the doctor injects a drug into the vein with a thin needle, which acts on the wall and glues the diseased veins. The procedure of sclerotherapy on the legs in the Luciano Medical Center is carried out by a qualified phlebologist.

Immediately before treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor who may prescribe additional studies of the veins. It is necessary to take into account contraindications: pregnancy, lactation.

Sclerotherapy of the veins of the lower extremities eliminates not only aesthetic defects, but also reduces pain, swelling and heaviness in the legs. After the procedure, it may be necessary to temporarily wear compression stockings, the duration is determined by the doctor based on the individual characteristics of the patient. It is also necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, do not go to the bath.

The price of vein sclerotherapy in Kazan is calculated individually for each patient based on the degree of complexity of treatment and the number of procedures. Usually, several sessions are needed to achieve the result, the number is determined by the specialist at the consultation. Making an appointment with a doctor can be done by phone, indicated on the site, or fill out an application online.

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