for effective face and body lifting
Hardware procedure for efficient facial and body lifting, as a bonus – correction of local fat deposits and cellulite with ultrasound and Rf exposure.

2 absolutely new methods that have no analogue have united in one platform. Exclusively on Alma Lasers Accent (Alma Accent).

RF patented method at frequency of 40.68 mHz. Absolutely new warming mechanism for maximum non-surgical correction of the silhouette and face.

RF methods of the previous generation applied resistive principle (from the surface to the depth). Alma Accent XL also operates on the basis of RF patented method of dielectric type (from the depth to the surface). This is the only technology, where RF is transferred directly to the tissue, causing rapid circulation of water molecules. Strong heating energy that occurred at the expense of friction, causes deep warming of the tissues and stimulates formation of collagen. Maximum result and comfort during the procedure.


  • Super-efficient correction of facial and body contours
  • Reduction of fat deposits
  • Correction of stretch marks
  • Strong lifting effect and rejuvenation of skin at the cellular level
  • Total removal of the cellulite of any level

1,5 hour

  • 1,5 hour

    25,000 ₽
  • 1 hour

    15,000 ₽
  • 30 minutes

    8,000 ₽


Super-effective correction of face and body contours, reduction of body fat, correction of striae and stretch marks, powerful lifting effect and skin rejuvenation at the cellular level, total elimination of cellulite of any degree.

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