Acupuncture (ears, microbuttons)

  • Acupuncture (ears, microbuttons)

    1,900 ₽
  • Articular acupuncture (micro buttons, ear tsuba)

    2,500 ₽
  • Acupuncture corporal (adults)

    2,600 ₽
  • Acupuncture corporal sedative method

    3,400 ₽
  • Acupuncture corporal according to the tonic method

    3,300 ₽

Acupuncture procedure in Kazan

Sessions can be prescribed for diseases, and are also the prevention of diseases. This method is used for digestive disorders, overweight, headaches and sleep disturbance, hormonal imbalance. It also helps to cope with addictions such as smoking and alcohol.

Acupuncture treatment in medical center allows to achieve significant therapeutic results. Benefits of acupuncture:

- normalizes the functions of internal organs;
- restores the balance of the body, nervous and endocrine systems;
- improves metabolism, hormonal levels;
- helps to cope with stress, levels the emotional state;
- Accelerates the process of detoxification in the body.

Each method has contraindications that should be considered during treatment. Acupuncture is contraindicated in tumors, acute infectious diseases, cardiovascular insufficiency and others. In all cases, consultation with a specialist is necessary. Only a doctor after the diagnosis can accurately determine the options and the possibility of treatment. The price of an acupuncture session in Kazan depends on the area and duration. The cost can be viewed on the Luciano website.

It is recommended to supplement acupuncture sessions with a trip to an osteopath in order to achieve a complex effect of treatment. Osteopathy in Kazan with unique techniques for adults and children is presented in the Luciano complex.

Luciano Medical Center also offers the following range of services:
- therapeutic and restorative therapy;
- sclerotherapy and water treatment;
- hardware techniques for the body;
- massages, body wraps;
- functional and other diagnostics;
- genetic analyses;
- consultations of doctors.

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